I’m just a regular guy who spends too much time reading books and analysing people because I was so awkward in everyday life I had to change something about myself.

The advice I give is just advice. You can listen to it, or you don’t. But I know you’ll find my articles and ideas radical and interesting. Who I am Really?

My name is Stjepan Radic, or just Steve. I’m 23 years old. I’m coming from a small country in Europe, Croatia. The country where the famous Game of Thrones was filmed whole summer blocking my path to the beach. I enjoy writing, giving advice, cars and callisthenics.


What’s the most inexhaustible theme to write about? It’s called LIFE. I write about things that I find interesting, whatever it is about relationship or entrepreneurship. Some concepts you may find offensive and that’s FINE. It’s all matter of perspective and that’s one thing I enjoy the most while answering your question.

I like being proven wrong because that’s how I learn. Moreover, having the opportunity to have it all written on a platform like Quora (Where I spend most of the time answering questions) makes it easy for everyone to learn and grow.


I always felt something was odd about me. I was always the one everyone used to joke about. About my thinking or the way I always tend to over complicate and overthink things. Since I was a kid I lived 70 miles away from my school and had to travel every day to school, and immediately after school, my father would pick my brother and me and home we went. That’s why I really didn’t have friends until middle school. This solitude formed me in a way I am today, instead of socialising I dove into books and the internet.

After I discovered porn it held me it’s prisoner for a long time until I discovered way better means to use the internet: E-books, audio books. It all started with this. Then came the gym and library. Then came one relationship after another, then came the first sex, first fist fight, first job on which I was fired only after two months, first debt (avoid debts if you can) and so many things I just want to share.

Life is really just a synonym for CONFLICT. It’s the thing that makes you feel alive. Hope you stay here because I will teach you how to manoeuvre swiftly in life by dodging the mistakes I did and grabbing the opportunities I missed.



Look, the point of this blog is to make you tough. If your life is hard, GREAT. Because you shouldn’t strive for an easier one, you should strive for making yourself stronger. As you grow older, life will grow harder. And your greatest asset: Your character needs to be unbreakable like a diamond.

Ask anyone that achieved anything in life:


Weights didn’t become lighter. Arnold became tougher.

Do you know this bodybuilders story? It was everything but easy life. It was tough, really tough.









Do you know this man?


Walt Disney was told no one would ever give a flying fuck to characters like Mickey Mouse.

Disney was once (at age of 25 to be exact) so poor, he was forced to eat dog food. MGM studios told him that Mickey idea would never work because it would terrify women.








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