10% of all men end up with 90% of women. Find out why.


Bob The Underachiever

We all have that one Bob in our social circle of friends. Bob is the nicest guy around, he enjoys spending late nights with his friends and he occasionally gets laid, every few years at least. Are you like Bob? Are you doing the same stupid shit he does? I hope not.

“It’s about the pace,” he says not the frequency and quantity of sex that matter. But we know Bob lies to himself and every woman he slept with was the one which approached him or was a 2 euro hooker, but we’re not judging. Everyone creates their own path to happiness and I couldn’t agree more. Bob also has trouble sleeping at night, thinking about all the missed opportunities. Even though his life is only starting out it’s already shrinking in front of him, the floor is lava and he’s already balls deep and there is nothing and no one saving him this time. When he meets new interesting people he only pushes them away by talking mostly about himself, his problems, his demented view of life and the most used word in his vocabulary is “I, I, I, me, we, I, I, I this, I that”. All he says is somehow related to him, and everything he is now is a fallout of other people’s actions.

Poor Bob

Everyone thinks this when a group of a dozen of his “friends” gossips behind his back. But it isn’t actually his fault, not entirely at least. Every problem cannot be observed or solved by just observing present facts, we need to dig deeper into Bob’s mind, and why are there so many Bobs today in this world. Let’s talk about the baby boom generation and the creation of the sensitive guy that is so common today.

The Sensitive Guy

There’s nothing wrong with being sensitive and in touch with our own emotions, but Bob is pushing the boundaries of niceness and sensitiveness to an absolute level, why is that? Why do we have so many nice guys around today? The simple answer is because every man has had experienced a various form of abandonment sometime when they were kids. This reason not sufficient enough, there are tons of other criteria that contribute to this.

Dr. Robert Glover talks about a number of things that shaped manhood as it is today, most of them are the direct consequence of world War II, among war, there are other factors as:

  • the transition from an agrarian to an industrial economy

One-third of all families were working or living on the farms, we’re talking about the time when living in the town was not popular, fathers were working on fields with their sons. They were in contact with each other the whole time so fathers were providing sons with valuable lessons regarding what is means to be a man and overall meaning of manliness. Sons (then) had a real role model.

  • moving people from rural areas to urban areas

Nowadays, and especially today sons are left home alone, their father left early in the morning and returned late at night, the contact diminished quickly. The role model of what it takes to be a man was gone, leaving only the mother raising the kids. This situation cultivated after the world war II when just over five million households were headed by women, and after 1970 the figured had almost tripled, to 13 million households ruled by women.

  • the absence of fathers from home

Like previously said; no male role models to boys on what it takes to be a man, boys were left to be raised by women and the school system that was 90% and still is dominated by women.

Until the sexual revolution and the rise of feminism, men were the gatekeepers of family finances. They were in charge of everything, they were constantly spending time on their workplace. Absence from father figure does leave a dent in little boys mind, and it takes a toll later in his life and his view on how should he treat women. We all like to fool ourselves with a notion of how women don’t know what they really want; imagine then women raising kids on their own, placing their own skewed picture of how they should be treated into minds of a young boy. And consider that on a massive scale like 13 million households that were led by a woman.

  • increasing rate of divorce, single-parent homes, and homes headed solely by a woman
Rate of divorce

The rate of divorce from the 60s to today. Scary.

Don’t get me wrong, women working outside the home is a great quality one can possess and all of us should strive toward equality in workplace, but since women didn’t require the financial support of their husband anymore it meant that staying in a bad marriage wasn’t as necessary as it previously was, feminism has somehow helped or mislead women depending on the perspective that fits your worldview. Nonetheless, even the most well-meaning mothers are simply not equipped to teach their sons how to be a male, so this rate of divorce didn’t help whatsoever.

Take how courting changed after that era for example; being romantic, buying gifts and flowers, constantly dropping endorsements and compliments when there’s no need for it, constant comforting, etcetera… it was all implanted in the brain of boys by women who have no clue of their real needsWho had no clue that they’re essentially decreasing their offspring chances of procreating?

  • an education system dominated by women

Like Glover said, first several years in school who were dominated by women was just a brief and basic training in how to please women, from kindergarten all the way to the end of the high school. And this isn’t the case just in the US, it’s a norm almost everywhere in the world. In my example, from my kindergarten to now college; I’ve met and had 30 to 40 different women in charge of some lemma and only 5 men. So, basically for every ONE male teacher, there were EIGHT female teachers. So you must be asking yourselves…

What does all this bullshit have to do with how boys or men if you like to call them today? There is a simple cause and effect here; boys who were raised the wrong way are now raising or already have raised boys who are in their 20s today. Women now expect men to act like a man by not knowing that her mother and grandmother possibly almost destroyed what’s left of masculinity in their sons. Unintentionally. It’s sad, it’s also really depressing how some guys are so nice that they are afraid to approach women because they don’t want to seem intrusive because their mother always used to say something in lines to this:

Respect the women, don’t even say something wrong to her and treat her like a queen or else you’ll end up alone. Trust me. If you father didn’t know how to treat me, he would end up jerking out to playboy magazines.

It’s like the most destructive shit I’ve seen and heard. Even from ladies in my family. They are all the same, how could’ve they possibly teach anything that it is that makes a man, A MAN? Furthermore, women are now blaming men for being pussies, and it’s a sad truth, guys today think it’s shameful and disgraceful to show women you have balls and you’re supposed to act manly, women are constantly complaining how only a few men approach her, and those that do can’t form a simple sentence without stuttering:

“H-h-h-heey. I’m BBbob. What’s your name?”

It’s pathetic. Everyone is pathetic in this situation, both genders are at fault here but I’m amazed at how men are happy with their outcomes. I believe that men today are as equally as good as being castrated because either way the result is the same. Castrated Bob doesn’t chase women, he gets rejected, feels bad, goes home, masturbates a few times and everything sounds good again, and the day is as sunny as ever, flowers are blooming, the sky is blue and whatever the fuck. It’s embarrassing to be a man actually.

How to treat men

“I can’t find your balls anywhere, I want a real man”Don’t yell at me, I handed them to you when I first saw you”


I witness so many of my friend’s who’s personality changes by 180 degrees when around women. It’s like they discovered new species of humans and there is a still not determined way in how to deal with them. I mean, guys seriously. The woman is a human as much as you are, pretending to be something, someone else will get you nowhere so can you act normal, please?

Also, Bob was taught to always be romantic. I won’t go deep into that topic because I wrote a whole article regarding romanticism. You have to accept the earth-shattering fact that women are not romantic at all, they don’t need romantic gestures as much as you think. They only need a real man doing manly stuff. Women are only the receivers of romance from men and romance is a blunt concept that was invented back in a time when a man had to impress the father of a woman he wanted to marry, not the woman herself.

But, nevertheless, Bob uses every chance he gets to prove himself to her, to prove his worth to her, to prove that he’s caring, nice, giving potential boyfriend while she rides someone’s douches cock. I’m sorry guys but here’s another truth that you should know:

10% of men who are getting 90% of the women are PUA’s, professional athletes, politiicans, actors and entertainers.

It means that the other 90% of men are getting leftovers. Also, women don’t mind sharing a man with other women as long as the man is rich or has high social status.

You think this is not true? Take a good look, I mean really good look around you. If you’re in high school I bet you can identify one Chad Thundercock that always gets the girl. In a class of 20 or more students, you can pinpoint without a second guess that he’s the one that most girls dream of riding him all night long. If you’re working somewhere in the office, or just met a guy you only need three seconds to feel that he’s the real shit, that he’s been there, done that and every girl will fall for him again and again. And it makes sense, you know why? Because how many guys you know that look like this?



Masculine Man

This is a one percenter.

To conclude. If you don’t want to be like Bob, like the rest of 90% of men who are getting married in their 30s not since they choose to but because (smart) women plain and simple occasionally do get tired of riding a bad boys cock and they want to settle. They know their biological clock is ticking so they will settle for less, they will settle for the lazy and average Bob inside of you. 

So, if you want a woman who’s pussy is still tight you should strive toward being a genuine man every day. Women are falling for those guys not because they are better than you, both bad boy and the nice guy have the same intentions = they want to fuck and have a connection but the bad boy wins the girl, how’s that? He’s not shy about his intentions, he isn’t apologetic for being a man and having needs and most important he isn’t needy. He has a strict policy in his life that works like a charm:

“Take it or leave it.”



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