How to be Attractive?

Women Will Never Teach You How to be a Man


Turning woman on is all about delivering a full range of emotions. The best way to do that is to tell her a fairy tale that she’ll suck right out of you. In this article, I will tell you my story how I learned how women brain operates and why is it important to know the differences.

Attraction advices

Make me feel something first, then we can talk about sex.

Unclear Feelings

Let’s go with something I think is the most important; It’s a knows fact that women are attracted to men who’s emotions aren’t clear. There are several reasons as to why this works. Most of my readers are men, so I know you’ll understand the differences when you played games with cheats activated; yes it can be fun in the beginning blowing people up with that newly spawned tank in GTA in the middle of the street but it can get boring rather quickly.

This is exactly the same thing that occurs inside her brain, she had a fun game and enjoyed spending time with you, maybe even the sex was great but you laid all the cards on the table too soon and then something magical happens. And I always chuckle at Bob when he’s describing me his story which habitually ends with this sentence:

I don’t know what happend. She become distant without any legit reasons, our relationship was great, ask anyone. We almost married, and decided which schools our kids will attend to. Where did it go wrong?

What appears that Bob doesn’t understand is that women are not as methodical planners as men are at the beginning of a relationship. You see, Bob imagined all sorts of scenarios in his head: what will he do with her, to her, on her in the future. What he didn’t account for is that women’s feelings don’t operate in a way he thinks they do. And we all know how men operate: We recognize female from a mile away with heavy tits and that’s all it takes for us to feel attracted. Women need time for their feelings to develop. Unlike men, they work like an oven. You set the desired temperature and you simply wait.

You can’t force the oven to warm up faster by shouting at it, texting it every minute or by plugging additional cables. As a matter of fact, the oven may go malfunction and then you only have more bills to pay. Then you’ll be angry because it didn’t deliver, and it wasn’t her fault at all.



T1 – Getting to know her
T2 – Sex
T3 – A Deal Breaker
T4 – Setting up the stage – Rules she must abide
T5 – Maintenance

The chart above reveals how women’s mind works. The x-axis presents you the time you two each other know and the y-axis describes the temperature needed for each stage (T1, T2…, etc) to likely happen. For quick example you can’t say you ahve feelings for her at T1, you have to wait for her to warm up first. This graph doesn’t describe pick-up stages, or a casual hook up. It reflects stages of a healthy paced relationship and we are assuming for the sake of this article that everything goes fine in every stage of this relationship.

The moment you get her number, you should arrange a first date in the upcoming seven days. Don’t wait and don’t listen to other advice encouraging you to wait for three, four or even more days to call her. It’s ridiculous and she’ll forget about you because you pay attention to mind games instead of enjoying her potential company. My graph takes places after the first date:

T1 – First Two Weeks

You should’ve already kissed her on the first date. If you haven’t already it’s important you do at T1 stage. I’ll soon make a first date article that will make this transition easier. Why is T1 last train for kissing her? Since you two are dating you have to keep in mind not to deliver overly friendly vibe, you have to take it a step further making it slightly sexual by throwing sexual innuendos that she’ll understand without addressing to the word sex, dick, fucking directly. So at T1, focus on the first kiss, and heavy make-out. This is the perfect time for you two to become physically close for the first time. That’s it, that’s all you have to do on this stage. What a common Bob does anyway? Bob thinks that talking raises attraction so he first shows how desperate he is by telling her sad romantic stories from his past, he tells her how much he doesn’t want to get hurt and elicits other pathetic behavior which leads to her closing her legs before you blink. You see, she’s not interested in your sad stories yet, she’s not emotionally ready to carry such a huge burden and doesn’t know how to comfort you. Her temperature is way too low for you to try to connect with her on this level. What she wants is that you two have a good time, she wants you to take her hand and lead her, mostly she wants to talk about herself, she want’s you to notice her hair and her new nails, not your neighbour’s dead dog or how your uncle sexually abused you when you were ten. I’m sorry, but keep these things for yourself in the beginning stages of a relationship. Guys tend to spill their guts to the girl they like in the first two to three weeks just to fill the void. It’s wrong, and ironically you’ll push her away, potentially for good.

T2 – First Month

Unless she’s extremely religious and wants to wait until marriage, there’s no reason for you to not having sex. Some people say that you two should wait until the time’s right. But guess what? Time is never right, you’re young once. Why wait? This is how you’ll end up waiting for perfect timing.

Sex and attraction

“This is me, being happy with my fake smile”

Remember, you’re still only dating. You don’t ask her for a relationship or any other type of commitment, and the real reason why may shock you. It isn’t because you’re playing games with her or you want to test her patience – It’s because (and mark this words carefully) she didn’t deserve it yet.

Now, some of my fellow feminists may dislike and actually they are hating my guts for saying this; but it’s their own fault. They desired more freedom with what they do with their body without being judged and that’s fine by me, but in the past sex wasn’t so common thing, now girls and boys have sex even at age 14 in Iceland for example, making the once scarce commodity now a regular thing. It’s shocking but the statistics are here. Hence all this, if she offers you her body and wants commitment but lacks every other quality you would desire she’s yet no earned to enter in a relationship with you. Keep in mind:

Women are gatekeepers of sex and men are the gatekeepers of relationships

It’s so easy to have sex these days you simply shouldn’t allow yourself to sink for such a low standard.

T3 – A Deal Breaker

By now, you should know what positions she likes the most, what are her two most important friends, what is her favorite color, how’s her relationship with father – this is important, what does she think about feminism, and about Trump. Why you ask? She has to have an opinion on things like these if you’re serious about this girl. You have to be absolutely sure she’ll be able to raise your children one day. Is she fit to be a mother? Furthermore, did she ever cheat on her boyfriend? When did it happen and why if the answer is yes. Does she have any career goals, is she more of an individual player enjoying her own freedom who cares only about herself or she’s more of a humanitarian?

Moreover, I’m alway curious about her sexual past, it’s important that I’m not being judgmental of how many partners she had, this doesn’t concern me because I’m only worried about the future. Many women won’t be comfortable talking about their sexual past this early in the relationship so don’t push it. It will come naturally but you have to have standards regardless. I don’t like the number game, but If I had to choose I prefer women who didn’t have more than 5 or 6 partners who have had sex with her. This is when my narcissists’ persona comes into play because I know that society makes men more valuable the more women he screwed and we can have that number tied around our neck like a badge of honor. But women are shorthanded here. I’m sorry dear ladies, I don’t judge and I don’t have a dilemma dating, or fucking someone who had more than dozen sexual partners but I’m not making her my wife.

So what’s the deal breaker? If I have a scenario in my mind about the woman I’m dating, like I would marry her I need to decide in this stage whenever should I keep her as just a fuck-buddy or make it more serious. Why at this stage? Because I’m selfish and generous at the same time. Selfish because I don’t want to waste my time with someone who I recognize that doesn’t share the same values as I do, and generous since if I only want to fuck her I should let her know that so she doesn’t lose her time anymore on me.

Money? You can always earn it. Same goes for the cars, your new iPhone, your new whatever it is. But the time you can never get back, women are especially sensitive to this – regrettably, time doesn’t serve them as nice as time serves men.

T4 – Setting Up The Stage – “You’re out, or you’re in”

Throughout this whole time, my girlfriend doesn’t really know how I’m thinking, what’s ticking inside my brain and making me do what I do. At this stage, I’d like to share some of the information with her, because sharing is caring – If she want’s to spend indefinitely the amount of time with me she deserves to know what is my modus operandi. I’d also like to lay some rules she has to follow. There are no ifs, there are no buts, there is only either a YES – meaning this relationship moves forward and a NO – meaning this relationship ends here, and we can only remain fuck-buddies until I find someone better. What is the purpose of these rules? You must communicate to her, that you are the SHIT; trough your actions that she is now the part of your life because you choose that, not the other way around. You lead, and she must follow. Most women would disagree with me here, but I think a woman can be a fine leader but every household got burned to the ground when women took the steering wheel. Why? Because it’s in men to lead when in a relationship, and she doesn’t feel that masculine trait in you anymore causing her to make decisions that were yours to make. Listen here:

The more masculine you are, the more feminine she will become, thus making your bond stronger and your future more secure

Anyway, rules that I set are set for life. I will mention here only a few of them because I plan to make an article about that later on. Rules:

  • There is, under no circumstances, real or imaginable any possible scenario that you’re having one on one meeting with another guy. I don’t care.
  • We are not living together -cohabitate with her- before we get married. Sleepovers are of course allowed and I love to spend nights sharing the same bed with my girl, but living together under the same roof meaning your level attraction will fall and because you two are living together, you can’t do nothing about it. It’s super important for me to have “ME TIME”, otherwise this relationship isn’t working.
  • Don’t tolerate the bitch inside of her, ergo don’t give her any of your toxicity or negativity. If you’re having a bad day, it’s in the best interest of relationship for you to cancel the date. When she’s acting bitchy without apologizing – You give her a pass once but if she does it again: She’s out. Your time is so valuable that it isn’t worth it spending it with a toxic bitchy personality.
  • NEVER DISCUSS anything that is really important like the nature of the relationship and never have arguments with her OVER TEXTS. If it is really important then arrange a date, if a date is not possible then do it over a phone conversation. Otherwise, for the sake of all manhood avoid asking her questions like where are we going, or where is this relationship going. It’s going where you want it to go, so stop asking her for directions. Be a fucking man and grow some balls.
  • The two strike rule I mentioned in previous posts – You never allow her to make stupid mistake or judgment call twice. If she did something that affects the nature of your relationship, it’s okay the first time. If it happens again, she’s out. If she denies you a kiss or sex for no obvious reason, it’s fine, she may be having a bad day so don’t get all Mad Max on her, but if she does it again – Then something’s wrong with the relationship and she should know where the doors are.

T5 – Maintenance – Keep Both of You Happy

It’s your job to keep her happy.

Look, the game is never ending and don’t think about a second how the time is right for you to turn into a nice guy. Always make sure you’re keeping her safe and both of happy by simply following the rules of stages I laid to you above. The thing about the each of the stages I drafted above is that they are operating in a constant circle, once one phase is over it means you have to still have to maintain the same principles of that stage or else she’ll learn she can get away with bad behavior. I know, it’s difficult to be a police officer and the relationship doesn’t have to have one that’s why the two strike rule is so effective.

Why is game never ending? Does it mean you have to pretend till you die? And the answer is simple. NO! Take this for example, when people say they are going on a diet, they imply without realizing that their diet also has an end meaning it is only temporary. Once they reach (and most of them never do) their ideal physical appearance they quit their diet. And gain that fat all over again. That’s why you’re not taking a diet, you will want to change the way you comprehend stuff I described, you’ll want these rules to become part of you, embedded into your brain so they last.



Relationship cycle, attractive lifestyle, relationship

Stunning art skills showing you the ultimate steps on managing relationship.



Always monitor your feedback – If you’re satisfied then you can move on. Never tolerate or award bad behavior and you’ll have yourself a great relationship.

And give me a thumbs up if you like my stunning 3D graphs I made only for you. Give me thumbs down if you don’t. Until then, rock on!

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