What is Mental Mastrubation?

Why Should You Never Engage In One


Let me ask you something. Have you ever had this grand idea about doing something great? Have you ever wanted to, you know travel to the moon? Run your own business? Approach this girl you’ve been talking about for last six fucking months?

Well, that’s great. You and I and the whole world just want the same thing. There’s only a little difference between you and me, and that’s if you talk so much about doing something….


You have no idea what I’m talking about, do you? Let me just google what are some definitions of Mental Masturbation:

The act of engaging in intelligent and interesting conversation purely for the enjoyment of your own greatness and individuality. Subjects range from obscure lp’s to cultural movements in preindustrial societies. Either delivered through grand monlogues or subtle conversation orientation, it links large words and random references resulting in nothing acually being communicated.

Here’s another one, more precise definition:

Intellectual activity that serves no practical purpose.
We debated and created a perfect system of government, but it was all just mental masturbation, really.
In the context of this page, will stick to dating. Let’s say you’re out with your friends, you see this hot banging chick and all of you just commenting the shape of her butt while sitting on your asses with a dick in your hand.

“Man I would do such and such and such to her” bla bla. It’s all stupid, why? Because it achieves no purpose and it isn’t funny. Well, it was, until I reached my age of 18. Another most common situation is when we have this great idea for a business startup that no one yet discovered.

“It’s fucking goldmine!!!” Shout the Great Masturbate enthusiastically with a drink in one of your hand and again a cock in another, talking and talking about that idea and doing absolutely NOTHING to achieve it. What I can tell you though is to stop thinking about plans and things you want, asking for advice, and talking about it.When you want something you get up and go for it. Talking about it only decreases your motivation to actually go for what you want because it allows you to live vicariously through conversation and not action.
Keep the goals to yourself. After hitting on a brilliant new life plan, your instinct is to go and share it with everyone. You’re feeling good while you’re telling everyone your plan, you can already feel it like it is within your reach. But stop…
Telling someone your goals makes them less likely to happen.
The problem with this is you’re already mentally at your goal. First off: Everyone has a goal in their life and it doesn’t really make your special snowflake. Second off: There are steps that need to be done before you can achieve your desirable goal, and this is when your mind is playing tricks on you. After you leave that conversation and felt that satisfaction you’re less motivated to actually do any work neccesary.
The mind simply mistakes the talking from the doing, and it is the pitfall most people fall into without even realising. If you really have to talk about your plan, Derek Sivers advice is to say it in a way that gives you no satisfaction like: I really want to win this marathon so I need to train 5 times per week and kick my ass if I don’t.

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