Red Flags Before the First Date

BONUS: Two strike rule


It’s easier to see trough some of the red flags when you’re madly in love. You know, that saying love is blind? Well, love can have that effect on you, it can cloud your judgment without you realising what’s happening but consider yourself as the lucky one because after reading this article there is no excuse for you to let women walk over you ever again anymore.

I’ll also show you why stubbornest won’t benefit you even if you two end up married and have kids. Silly? Don’t think so. Let’s jump into my top most things I try to identify every time I’m dating someone new and how can you implement the infamous two strike rule.

1) Flakiness – How To Deal With it?

It’s absolutely the worst feeling when the woman you’re supposed to have dinner with cancels your date half an hour prior the meetings is supposed to take place. I have a rule – I will almost every time let it slide if it is her first time denying me. I don’t care if she’s lying or she’s honest. It can happen once and women tend to do that even if they’re interested in you, so there’s no harm done. You then wait for a little, and try again when you think the time is right, and if she denies you again – SHE’S OUT.

Just say it’s okay, hang up and flush the number once and forever. That’s right there is me, implementing the two strike rule. Do it once I’m giving you the benefit of doubt, do it twice and you lost your every chance of seeing me again.

2) She Doesn’t Allow You To Kiss Her On Your First Date

So you two have a great time and she’s pushing you away every time you sense you could kiss her. It’s important to read her body language and recognise if she’s yet comfortable with physical touch – You DON’T WANT TO RAPE anyone. But if you recognise that she’s playing with your head, a pattern of her playing hard to get you’re wasting your time with that woman.

So, you two are strolling trough the park, you see an opportunity to make a move and she denies you, no problem. Then you wait for a little while or try again following week – And denies you again – SHE’S OUT. Why would you court a woman and waste your time on someone who doesn’t reciprocate?

3) Badmouths Her Exes

If she’s been in let’s say three or more relationships and labels their exes as jerks and idiots. Guess what? You’re an idiot too in her eyes. It says a lot about her bad judgement and her victim mentality – Mentality that lacks objectivity and realism meaning you’ll never ever be able to win in this future relationship with this woman. She’ll always be the one who’s right, she’ll only blame others and you for her problems – Actually you will be the one who causes all of her problems leaving you utterly depressed and hopeless that you’ll want to commit harakiri.

4) She’s Proud to Be Called “DRAMA QUEEN”

This kind of women will put you to the test – of your patience will you’ll run off eventually. One of many drama queens “qualities” are her emotional swings from one extreme to another. This is the type of a girl who will make out with another guy in front of you if you didn’t buy her ice cream she really wanted. Drama queens are what some people call attentions whores. Avoid these like a plaque. If they are bored they will show you tonnes of attention, and when she’s having fun one night and you find her screwing another guy she’ll blame alcohol and you for caring for her. 

This type will drive you crazy, they will drain your wallet, your energy. They will suck out blood until you need medical assistance.

5) She Never Changes Her Schedule To Spend Time With You – Flexibility

When in a relationship, it’s sometimes hard to pick: Will I spend my time with my boyfriend or friends and family. You’ll have to weight your options and someone will be neglected at one point. So it is always a matter of priorities. And if she doesn’t have them straight, she’s out. Why?

If she never cancelled any plan or ditched her friends for you. You are sure you’ll never be on top of her priority. You need reassurances that she can be there for you and if she’s inflexible with her time and plans then you can’t rely that she’s going to be a good girlfriend, EVER.

There are some other minor things, but I leave that for another article. You make sure to subscribe or upvote this article if you already didn’t and always sleep with on eye opened.

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