Why Relationships Fail?

Prevention Is Better Than Cure


This article can be applied to both genders. I like to consider Love as dangerous, if not the worst stock on the market in which one can invest in his time, energy and money. 

It’s sometimes only by sheer luck that we find a good stock, put our whole savings on the line, monitor it day and night and let the power of compounding do the trick for you.

Love is unique kind of stock, and being in a relationship can make you or break you. Before reading any further, stop here and learn to identify red flags before entering a relationship. Then come back here. I’ll be waiting.

Let’s dive into 5+ essential things you need to look out for to maintain a healthy relationship:

1) You Are What You Eat, What You Dress, How You Smell

Can’t stress this enough but I can’t count how many couples destroyed themselves after settling in a relationship. They literally allowed their relationship to consume them. How you ask? Look at most of our parent’s generation, it seems like their life stopped after they got married.

Most people lose track of their diet, hence you will gain more fat than ever. Men start to drink and spend time more on TV, internet doing nothing after their 9-5 job. Same for women, they get lazy, and eat Doritos all they. In one word, you WILL simply settle on your comfy couch and masturbate. Here are the reasons as to why:

  • Nobody new can have sex with you.

Nobody new can see your naked body anymore. Why work anymore when your wife knows exactly the shape of your man boobs? You know that exciting feeling when you are unzipping your girlfriends pants for the first time? No, that won’t matter anymore. You could blindfold identify your girlfriend’s vagina in an endless streak of vaginas just by smell alone, hell, you may not even notice a pound or two more she gained last week destroying that Nutella Jar.

  • You don’t need to attract other women anymore.

You know how every relationship starts, you picked your best shirt, put a gallon of perfume on your cock and brushed your teeth five times just in case. You also trained at least once a week lifting weights or doing few push ups, gotta look good for her, right? There is a lot of competition and you need to seize your once in a life opportunity.

Well, why bother with looks anymore? Now that the pressure is gone, only stupid people will go to the gym, you already booked your afternoon with the couch, TV remote and pizza.

  • Compliments? Who needs this shit anymore?

You now receive those every day, it loses value by every incoming “I love you”, “sweetheart”, “you look good great in those”, etc. The trap lies that eventually while you’re getting fatter and lazier your girlfriend or wife will continue to ponder you with compliments of how great you are and YOU WILL START TO BELIEVE IT TOO. You’ll lose your sense of what’s good for you and whats wrong, and can you even blame her? She put on 15 pounds in the last six months and needs you to also become fat so she can feel good about herself and continue to finish that Nutella Jar.


Staying in shape and wearing nice clothes has multiple advantages, first, off you’ll catch attention from other women too, that will make your current girlfriend little jealous but It will motivate her to stay congruent with her current looks. Same thing applies the other way around. A Little competition is always good, right? Your current women will now be aware that other women are checking you out, making her work for you more. Women are territorial creatures and she’ll work harder to defend it.

2) Flirting With Other Women

This ties with my number 1 on this list. Like a rich man doesn’t have to shout “I AM RICH” so other could notice, attractive man doesn’t have to tell his girlfriend that he has options if she can see with her own eyes that other women like to flirt with you. Never cross the line of meeting with them alone.

This achieves multiple things and it may seem counterproductive but it holds truth: it lets your girlfriend know instantly that you still have it in you and that she’s not irreplaceable. 

3) Be Spontaneous & Don’t Shower Her With Gifts

I’ll make this quick:

  • Have sex outside the bedroom too, have sex in your kitchen, have sex in public, have sex in your parent’s room, switch sex positions, JUST DON’T HAVE SEX in the same bed every time you have sex. Get some roleplay done etc.

Display variety by not doing the same thing over and over again. Sometimes start slow with 20 minutes of foreplay, sometimes fuck her in the street without any foreplay. It’s important that your partner can never really say what’s going in your dirty mind.

Another thing is to resist the temptation of buying her gifts. I’m in a relationship with my current girlfriend for a long time now, and I never bought her a rose. She doesn’t need gifts, she doesn’t need her man to be romantic the whole time. You’re shooting yourself in the foot if you think a flower a day or jewelry will keep her happy.

Another dangerous point I like to address is by showering her with gifts you’re essentially training her (or him, I automatically type her, but remember this goes for both genders) to expect it very frequently like that’s your thing that you have going with her without any real inducement.

As a matter of fact and by all means buy something nice but only when there’s a reason for it, when she surprised you with a nice meal after a hard day at work when she tried that super technique in sucking that she once mentioned she saw on the internet and you liked it. Why is this important? If you buy things for people who didn’t deserve it you will create unmanageable expectations, and you two will start expecting things from each other just because the pattern is created. Also, one doesn’t deserve anything just because he or she is your girlfriend.

4) Silence

Never leave your so-so in the dark. Men and women are different on this matter so knowing the differences is the key: Women tend to express their emotions with tears and demand a lot of attention. While men are for some reason more stoic when it comes to their problems. They don’t want sharing and rubbing their crying nose into a napkin while telling you how they got fired. They simply shut the door and don’t want to disturb. And women, please don’t judge men and give them time to went.

ALSO, also It’s utterly important not to force them to tell you everything at once, just give them time and understand that there is more difference between sexes rather than one having extra meat.

Nevertheless, always talk with your partner, that’s how trust is built: By sharing your secrets, your fears, and your dreams.

5) Critically Important Thing: YOU MUST BE HAPPY

You should never sacrifice your happiness in exchange for a stable relationship. That’s the whole point of a relationship, to make both of you happy. Try to avoid this pitfall by reexamining if you:

  • neglected your friends
  • neglected your family
  • neglected your hobby and passion
  • neglected your job
  • neglected your health by avoiding gym to spend time with your so-so

Make sure that you have these things balanced. Sometimes you’ll want to spend extra time with your girlfriend or boyfriend, but practice self-discipline by choosing something trivial like playing games just to let her know that she can’t possibly be number one priority all the time. A Little distance is good for both of you.

Extra Tip: Pleasure

For me. Sex is the most important part of the puzzle. Learn to give her ultimate pleasure in bed, watch her face consumed by pleasure when you’re inside of her or when you suck his dick. Their moaning and screams are what makes you two special, don’t be selfish when it comes to giving pleasure. It’s worth more than the most expensive watch you’ll buy him, or most expensive lingerie or underwear you’ll buy her. As a male, you should always tend towards being dominant and aggressively gentle, not abusive and listen to her body all the time. I suggest doing your research on internet and reading books which will make you a better lover.

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