Men In Love

Romance is dead. Find out why.



Women are not romantic, it’s the men who are.

In my first post we will talk about obligations and desires, and why are these two notions the most important two things to differentiate when it comes to love and relationship.

Let’s talk about the love at the first sight, right? There are actual studies that show that men score higher on the romantic beliefs scale, this is actually really scary. It proofs that men are so brainwashed these days on how to act towards a woman of their liking.

Have you ever tried to do something romantic for your girlfriend, or a women you like? Like brought her a bucket of flowers, or did something small; like trying to tell her a story when you first fall in love with her in most romantic way possible? And all you got was:

Awww… That’s sweet, but you don’t really get me. Do you?

Okay, maybe that wasn’t her response. But after the date was over, you expect that relationship just got on WHOLE ANOTHER LEVEL, well, I’m sorry to burst your bubble but ironically, this only pushes her away. Even further if you continue to repeat this same lame behaviour.

Women are not romantic, women are consumers of romance.

I’m begging you, as a male to male to stop buying or doing services to women. It’s time to stop buying stupid useless shit like already mentioned flowers, jewellery, expensive holidays and lingerie. It’s actually just a marketing scam to make men buy expensive things for women. If you ever saw 50 Shades of Grey, or any other erotica book written by women you’ll see the main characters are usually Jason-Statham-like or any sort of some “damaged” tough guy who saw the worst of life. And please, look at Jason Statham realistically: He’s a total badass, he doesn’t care what does a woman think of him, yet he’s still a gentleman. He’s bald, he is and looks (if he wasn’t a successful actor) just a like tug waiting to bash your skull with a Manchester United bat.

REMEMBER: Romance and chivalry are taxes on female attention that only needy man have to pay. And no one wants to pay taxes.

When you waste your time thinking about what would be nicest, the dearest thing you could buy (impress) for your girlfriend (chocolate, little puppy, a bucket of $50 worth of flowers) please have in mind that she’s probably thinking about  Chad Thundercock f****** them three hours straight.

DISCLAIMER: Look, it’s okay to buy her nice things once in a while, but only if she’s the one buying you something first, and expenses have to always be 50/50. Just because she’s a woman, doesn’t make her Queen Elizabeth.

But don’t blame women because they rejected your sorry ass. Now, having this information at your disposal you should only blame yourself and calibrate your actions accordingly. Men have to know that indeed they are more romantic, women are only receivers of male romance, hence, men make mistakes like doing stupid things mentioned early and they somehow feel like women are now obligated to reciprocate shown“love”. Love isn’t in any way legitimate if you expect something in return.

Give more of yourself. Not more from your wallet.

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